First blog post

So here I go – my first blog post, I’m sure it’s going to get easier to find my flow, write from my heart about whatever is on my mind, Β in the meantime I will do my best.

I plan to blog about lots of things that play a part in my life while focusing on our journey, our journey both physically -moving from town to town, coast to outback; and my emotional journey – finding a way through my sadness, I will talk about my wonderful Husband, my beautiful Son – my grief surrounding his loss, epilepsy, depression, my family, my friends, my dog and my cat & my love of photography.

I will post about the places we visit, the things we see, the fun bits, the people we meet, our pets antics, the not so fun bits, good food, good pubs, good beaches, animal encounters and everything in between.

So I hope that you will find my blog interesting, I think I’m going to enjoy this…………..

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