It’s Saturday, get out the mop!

It’s Saturday and that can only mean one thing, it’s home open day, yey!!!! An unusual house in a little known Cairns suburb in a flat housing market have all conspired to our house still being on the market when we had hoped it would have sold months ago.I have my cleaning routine and never waiver, luckily we are pretty OCD most of the time anyway but we crank it up on a Saturday, Rod is in charge of outside and I do inside – our agent loves us – the place looks like a show home, complete with smelly candles.

Truthfully though I am sooooooo over it, we are ready to hit the road, deposits on the truck, caravans on order, the garage is full of ‘stuff’ we think we will need. Yet here we are still rattling round a house that is starting to feel a little bit like a prison, we are turning into caged animals who polish their prison cell every week in the hope that this is going to be the day we are set free.

I swing between despair and positivity, theres always a reason why this is going to be ‘the week’, we have an ad in the paper, the house up the road sold, it’s the school holidays, it’s not raining, Christmas is out of the way, we had an internet inquiry, and every week we get disappointed all over again. Maybe next week……..

My feet are so itchy.

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