Bosun Pickles

14051639_10155166000409502_5781460578297121036_nBosun Pickles.

DOB – 29.01.2013.

Breed – English Cocker Spaniel.

Place of Birth – Brisbane.

Favourite food – Carrots.

Favourite person – Rod.

Favourite ‘thing’ – Food or Rod.

Does well – Travel.

Does Badly – Sad, just can’t do it, his tail just won’t stop wagging.

Least Favourite thing – Lettuce.

What can I say, what an awesome pup he is!!! Happy x 10, People Pleaser x 10, Spoilt x 9 1/2!!

Took me ages to convince Rod we needed a dog in our lives, I am a Beagle lover but I knew that was not going to work for Rod, stand offish, selective hearing, aloof, independent – even though I love that not Rod – he needed a dog that would outwardly display affection, and be the people pleaser happy dog that Cocker Spaniels tend to be. I had had two previously so knew what their personality traits tend to be. We have a friend who knew a woman who had a four month old pup that was the last of a litter, he had a bit of an overly droopy eye which was also not pigmented so looked not so ‘perfect’. We didn’t care and decided he would be perfect for us.

So came the day we picked him up from the Airport, he was adorable, wag, wag, wag, happy, happy, happy – we loved him straight away. We tried so hard not to spoil him, I had rules, no people food, walk properly on a lead, basic commands, no sleeping on the bed –  you know the kind of thing. We were bloody rubbish – currently Bosun comes to bed with me and sleeps on the bed for a few hours till he goes to his own bed, he gets food off our plates, he pulls Rod all over the place on his lead (though I make him wear a Halti and he walks well), it took me 4 months to teach him ‘down’ but now he’s forgotten how to do it.

He totally and utterly loves Rod, I come in a very poor second, but that’s OK I love to see their bond, I still get my time, early morning cuddles, early bed time company. He is great with other dogs, his bestie is a chocolate lab called Dakota, he loves the car, he kinda loves Maloo – the cat – as long as she keeps away from the food. He doesn’t like the Ocean, the bigger the wave the more he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like to get his paws pet, Rod taught him that – I’m trying to unteach it.

But you know Rod & I, Bosun & Maloo we are a family, the four of us, if we didn’t have them we would be a ‘couple’ but with them we are a family.



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