a 20 year old smelly caravan?


So this arvo I booked flights & accommodation to go to the Melbourne Caravan show at the end of February, never thought we would be doing this again but ill health has forced the builder of our chosen caravan to pull out, we wish him all the best of course – your health is the most important thing, you have to put it first; so here we are more than two years down the line and we have to choose our home on wheels all over again. We were bloody gutted when we read the email, I put my head in my hands and sucked in so much air my lungs hurt, then breathed out and started to decide what the next move was going to be.

We have decided that this is probably a good thing, we know so much more now, I remember when we went to our first Caravan Show we stood there with our hands on our hips and proclaimed that we were going to choose “the biggest, best, most glitzy Caravan here” – of course we didn’t, actually we didn’t end up choosing any of the ones we saw at that show, we ended up doing a bit more research and learnt a bit more before we finally chose the one we did. That was more than a year ago now and plenty has happened in our lives since then that it was bound to change us, change maybe what we thought was important, and what probably wasn’t!

I think we have realised that we don’t need to spend more than $100,000 on a caravan, it doesn’t have to be the biggest one our chosen tow vehicle can handle, it doesn’t need every bell and whistle ever invented that you can attach to caravan. So what do we want? hmmmmmm……………….. I’m buggered if I know, but if you are ever struggling to make a decision never ever ask a bunch of people you have never met on a Facebook Page. By the time the post had fallen far enough down everyone’s wall that the comments stop,  you will have lost the will to live and will know exactly what 100 plus other people want or have but will still have no idea what you want.

One thing we have decided for sure, we are going smaller and cheaper and thats about as far as we have got so far. We have looked at caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, camper vans, buses, and even a Chevy ‘passion wagon’ with red shag pile carpet up the walls, which I was all for, but Rod took one look and said “not a chance”, he did say that we could have an Airstream though, he had to really – that night we read the email I must have looked like someone who had been kicked in the guts, so I jump on line, an Airstream!!! my dream caravan, for real – quick before he changes his mind, five minutes later I’m defeated again – they have gone out of business, there was no longer Airstream Australia, talk about kicking a girl when she’s down, in reality though I don’t think we would have bought one even if we could have, kind of goes against the smaller, cheaper ethos we are currently using. As long as we are together, our little family. We know that we can journey just as well with less stuff. What we see out of the window will be the same, Australia’s beauty will still be spread out in front of us, we will still spend our days doing what we love, hanging out together, driving, exploring.

We may have to tune in our own TV rather than have some satellite thing do it for us, we may not have a beer fridge under our lounge, our truck and caravan may not match, though I will have to try hard with that one, we may not have a made to measure generator box and enough floorspace to ensure Rod doesn’t trip over Bosun every five minutes but we will be out there on the trip of a lifetime, lucky enough to have the means to do it, lucky enough to love a road trip, and lucky enough to realise that despite everything we still want to do it. Don’t worry though we haven’t completely lost the plot, we aren’t going to buy a 20 year old leaky caravan where someone has smoked 20 a day in for the entire time they have owned it, we still like nice things, we want our ‘home’ to be somewhere we feel relaxed, safe and happy, but we are just shaving the edge off our old materialistic attitudes.

We’ll get back to you with our decision………………


…………………. But be sure it won’t look like this! Mind you it’s kinda nice, look at the retro character, I like blue, the word here is potential, it just needs someone to love it, anyone know where I can buy this? ………………


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