“Everything doesn’t happen for a reason”

Such a throw away remark “Everything happens for a reason”, we all say it don’t we, but I will never say it again ever and I actually get a little bristly when people say it to me these days. Things don’t happen for a reason, things just happen, shit things, good things, everyday things, weird things, funny things, stuff just happens. It’s called ‘life’.

It’s no coincidence that I’m hearing it from people at the moment because my life isn’t exactly bobbing along nicely, we only seem to say it when something not so bloody great happens, or doesn’t happen. I haven’t been able to sell my house yet but apparently that has happened for a reason – the only reason I can see that it has happened is to totally piss me off, or maybe it’s so I can completely nail my ‘cleaning for a home open’ strategy, either way that’s not a reason. The actual reason I haven’t sold has absolutely nothing to do with a future mystery  reason that I currently don’t know. If I had sold my house in a timely manner no one would have come up with a reason for that happening, it just did. It’s called ‘life’.

If someone wants to try to tell me that my kind, gentle, quiet 24 year old Son “died for a reason” I wouldn’t bother, my reaction would tend to not be in your favour!! He died because he had Epilepsy. It doesn’t mean that something good or positive can’t come from such a tragedy, but that is not the reason it happened, I don’t like the idea that something awful has to happen in order for something good to happen, I’m not buying into that, surely good things happen and bad things happen. It’s called ‘life’.

Take my current situation for example, currently I am supposed to be in my caravan somewhere in South West Western Australia, escaping the worst of the heat of the Australian Summer living the dream as an Australian Nomad while healing my broken heart, but I’m not!!! Now people have said to me “that it’s happening for a reason”, some mysterious greater power that is shaping my destiny, in a good way of course, because as we all know when “something happens for a reason”, the reason is only a good thing (insert a mental picture of me rolling my eyes)  the ‘reasons’ are as follows – 1) I have a house that is still waiting for the new owner to walk through the door, 2) I have no caravan because the owner of the company had a stroke and can’t build it for me, 3)  I’m getting shit from the Holden dealership that I still haven’t picked up my truck, I haven’t because I don’t seem to have a spare $50,000 lying around to pay for it, the reason? refer to number 1. It’s called ‘life’.

So for me I prefer to say “Shit happens” accompanied by a small shrug of the shoulders and a tilt of the head slightly to one side, because as we all know sometimes it does. But we need to think of a nice little phrase for when the good shit happens too, maybe we should just smile – a small smile from just one side of our mouth, throw in a slow nod and say “Good shit”. Everyones journey is full of ups and downs, good and bad, funny and sad, and while I believe that I can influence the direction my journey, which road I will take by my actions and my attitude, other peoples journeys will bump into mine along the way and veer me off course but I will just go around the roundabout and rejoin the lane in the hope I will make my destination. It’s called ‘life’.


             “Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but everything that happens can be used”



2 thoughts on ““Everything doesn’t happen for a reason”

  1. I think people say that is because they don’t know what else to say. It is such a throw away line and whilst it would be good to get rid of that bit of vocabulary I don’t think it will happen. For good things I like ‘good job’ and I guess it is up to the individual. Thinking of you a lot Rach and praying to whoever that someone will walk through your front door soon.💕🌷

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  2. There is often no reason for the bad things that happen and yes shit does happen and more often than it should for some people. ❤


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