Let’s Roll!!!

Tomorrow we leave on our adventure, we have spent the last week getting to know our caravan and we are happy to report that everything seems to be a lot simpler than we thought, and there was me thinking I would need a degree in solar panels and 3 way fridges, we will forget that it took me two days to figure out how to turn the outside speakers on and I only know now because I gave up and asked!! May West Caravans in Hoppers Crossing have been great and we would highly recommend them. Our fellow caravaners have also be been great with years of experience, we have been soaking up all of their knowledge like a couple of sponges, such great people and I’m sure we will meet many more.

We are both a little nervous about leaving the safety of our friendly little caravan park, both of us have woken up in the middle of the night wondering what the hell we are doing but as the dawn rises everything is all good again and the excitement takes over from the nerves.

Bosun & Maloo are doing well, Maloo has her little routine, it will be good to let her out for some fresh air but we aren’t sure if the caravan park allows cats so rather than finding out they don’t we are keeping her stashed away, though we should be able to let her out when we get to where we are going tomorrow. Bosun is a little bit woofy but he’s improving and does shush when we tell him too. He is getting in our bed during the night which will have to stop at some point but while its cold at night we will let him, plus its like having a little furry hot water bottle.

So tomorrow we are off to Smythsdale, a small old gold mining town, its on the right road to get where we are going (North-West) and about the right distance (126km) with a recommend low cost ($10 donation) camp, we can stay for 3 nights but I think we plan on one or two nights. We are heading to the Silo Art Trail to look at the painted silos (www.visitvictoria.com). Hopefully we will catch up with some friends from Cairns who have been travelling for the past year, they are going the opposite way to us, but hopefully we can catch up and not miss each other. Then off we will wander in a vaguely Westerly direction.

We are looking forward to Spring, being from Cairns we don’t do cold very well, but I guess by setting off from Victoria in the middle of Winter the only way is up!!! We have had a tiny taste today with almost no wind and lovely blue skies. We have noticed how pale we are – I almost look English again, haha.

We are trying not to let standards slip but I have grey roots, a mono-brow and I haven’t ‘done’ my toenails for about a month, as for Rod he no longer has two showers a day and wears his slippers to the shops but we still brush our teeth everyday so we haven’t gone completely feral.

I wish my Charlie could see our dream coming true, I always told him if he wanted to do something badly enough he could do it, some would say he can see us, that he will be watching over me and I hope that’s true.

You can follow our antics on our FB page ‘8paws 4feet’ and also there is a link to my Instagram page at the bottom of each page here. See ya out there, let the fun begin……………..




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