Hello!! We are Rachel & Rod, we are married and currently live in the beautiful tropical paradise Cairns which is in Far North Queensland, Australia. “Lucky us” you are probably saying, and we are lucky to have lived somewhere so beautiful, but happily I was born with itchy feet so can’t stay anywhere for long so we are about to leave on our biggest road trip ever – an open ended lap of our wonderful Australia. We will be travelling with our dog Bosun, a beautiful, happy but not very bright English Cocker Spaniel and Maloo our fat cat who does her very best to go the entire day without burning any calories, she is getting on a bit at fifteen but she is happy and healthy and ever so pretty.

I am originally from the UK but emigrated to Australia in 2002, I have always had a passion for animals and until recently had a career in animal welfare; Rod is Aussie through & through and had a 20 year Navy career. I am 40 something and Rod is 60 something and has three children and two Grandsons,  I was blessed with a Son Charlie who suddenly & sadly passed away last year aged 24 – while it was a massive life altering tragedy we try to make the most of life and see positives with a glass always half full, though of course some days I struggle with my grief.

We have been planning our gypsy life for more than two years now and hoped to leave this past November but we have been delayed, mostly due to the fact that we are still trying to sell our home. We will be travelling in a Holden Colorado Z71 and a Van Cruiser 23ft custom built caravan, we have gone for brand new as we are hoping that by spending the money now while we are still working will mean that while we travel and live on a tighter budget our maintenance and repair costs will be less, plus of course we don’t want to rough it too much!!!

We will be fully self contained so won’t use caravan parks much, we will ‘free camp’ as much as we can, our van is well set up with solar, grey water tanks & large fresh water tanks and while our van isn’t  off road it does have independent suspension which will enable us the freedom to explore most of our great country.